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What is Coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization,the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is an infectious disease. People who are infected will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness. People who have an underlying medical problem will likely develop serious illness. Originating from China, it has quickly spred all around the world.

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The United States

Before the COVID-19 outbreak the United States was doing pretty good, businesses were running as usual. Now the whole country is at a state of panic. It all started when a few cases started to show up. Then the number of cases started to increase, and you started to see more and more people wearing face masks. Then as the media started to cover this out break more things started closing. Toilet paper and water started to disappear from the shelves. Small business started closing then eventually bigger business started to close as well. Then social distancing became a thing and the stay at home orders started to show up. And here we are now, the United States now has the most cases of COVID-19, schools, restaurants, theaters, parks are closed, and the unemployment rate is skyrocketing all in the matter of 4 months.

From the moment I am writing this, so far millions of people across this nation have lost their jobs or are temporarily unemployed. According to CNBC , the COVID-19 economic freeze could cost 47 million jobs and send the unemployment rate past 32%. According to NBC news 22 million people filed for unemployment last month. This is affecting all kinds of people, from low income to high income families. For example, the more people go on unemployment and stay on unemployment means more and more people are struggling to pay their everyday bills and buy food.

Then comes in the $2 trillion stimulus checks that are supposed to be coming to every American. Those checks can only do so much for an individual and for so long. Even then according to NBC news people are having all kinds of issues getting that check. Things from the money going into different or wrong accounts, the money going to people that have already deceased, and banks withholding the money for those who’s bank accounts had an insufficient funds.

There is still some people who are fortunate enough to still have their jobs but most of them come with the same price. They are risking their lives and their families lives everyday they go to work. There are people who work in grocery stores that have to deal with a lot of people freaking out and buying things like crazy. There are mail men and women and truck drivers that are risking themselves delivering the mail and online orders people are ordering.This is also effecting people working in the oil field. There is no work so people are losing there jobs, and oil plants are shutting down. The only bright side to any of that is the gas prices are dropping like crazy but you cant go anywhere anyway. And lastly, this is effecting all of the healthcare workers who are in the frontline taking care of people who either have COVID-19 or who are just sick.

Even though things are looking really bad for the U.S. right now things are slowly getting better. According to NBC news there are doctors who are seeing the curve of the number of cases flattening so this means that slowly but surely things are getting better. But for now all we can do is do our best to stay strong as a nation and keep clean.


The Coronavirus has effected a lot of things and people. But what is most heartbreaking to me is the families it has effected, especially those with essential workers. These essential workers may have kids or people who have a underlying health condition that they have to worry for. For more of an inside I interviewed a family where the Dad of the house hold is the essential worker. This is what the Mendez family had to say.

The 3 kids and young adults living in the house hold had plenty to say about their dad still having to work during these uncertain times. But they all had the same common statement. They knew that their dad needs to go to work to provide for the family, they understand. They aren’t scared though, they said that they trust their dad is taking the necessary measures to keep them and himself safe.

The mother and or wife of the house hold had a different point of view. Like the others she said that she knows her husband needs to work for the goodness of the family and she also knows that he is taking the necessary precautions. However, she is still worried that he might get the virus unknowingly and bring it home. She says she doesn’t like to think or talk about it but it always is in the back of her mind.


Grocery stores used to be just a place where you can get essential things at your leisure. Now they have practically turned into a war zone. I talked to an HEB worker who works curbside to get a first-hand look of what is happening. She said that before the virus, on a normal day they would fill 300-400 orders day. Her only busy days would be Sunday and Monday. She said once the virus hits it’s like everything changed.

She said that the hardest time was the first week when the outbreak happened. Things got scary crazy because people truly went into a panic. She just said it was hard to get the people all the material they were demanding. Now, for a while she says they easily fill 400 orders each day. Despite all of the craziness she got through it and says that it’s a lot better.

HEB is treating her right, they do take care of their employees. They provide face masks for their employees to keep them safe from themselves and others around. The customers however a kind of a different story. She says that she hasn’t experienced it first-hand, but she has had some coworkers that have told her stories. There have been incidences where customers have been aggressive about not having certain items. They have been cursed at and given rude comments for not having the name brand things.

Despite this there have also been some really nice people. She said some people have donated pizzas and other things as a thank you for being an essential worker. She says that the kindness of these people really does make a difference. She has said that now things are starting to slow down. They are getting in more things and people have either calmed down or have bought everything they needed. She says she definitely sees the light at the end of the tunnel as long as they keep taking precautions.


During these uncertain time its well known that the best thing you can do to keep you and other safe is to stay at home. That can be pretty tough because after a while you might run out of things to do. If you’re anything like me and you need to be doing something at all times, I have created a list of different activities that you can do. Some of these things you can use your everyday house hold items and others you might need to order curbside for.

  • Draw ( even if you have no skill, still give it a shot)
  • Paint
  • Reorganize your kitchen
  • Redecorate and reorganize your room/ anyroom
  • Watch a binge worthy show or movie(s)
  • Reorganize closet or do the laundry
  • Play some new video games either on a console or on a smart phone
  • Learn how to play or play poker with the family
  • Play monopoly ( that will take some time)
  • Play solitary
  • Make a blog
  • Make a podcast
  • Make a scrap book of simpler times
  • Have a spa day
  • Find some new music
  • Learn how to cook a new recipe (or learn how to cook in general)
  • Sow or knit
  • Make an outfit
  • Have a water fight with dollar water guns
  • Text some old friends or ones you haven’t talked to in a while
  • FaceTime family and friends
  • Dye or cut your hair (be careful)

These are just some of many things to do to keep yourself occupied during this quarantine. If you think of any more send me an email on the contact take and I’ll add it to the list!

Author's Life

When news broke out about the COVID-19 I didn’t take things seriously. I thought this was just another swine flu out break and that we should take precautions but it is mostly the media that is making this thing big. It wasn’t until I started to hear more and more about it from my friends that I started to realize this was getting a little serious. But even then I didn’t start to freak out.

I am a sales girl at Victoria’s Secret and part of my job is getting up close and personal to people and measure them for their bra size. One day, jokingly, I said “Are we still going to be measuring people with this virus going on? And what is VS even doing to protect us?”. And its as if the universe heard me and did something about it because not 2 minutes later my boss came up to me and told me the precautions that VS is taking. This involved cleaning the fitting rooms every hour and disinfecting the whole store. It wasn’t until then did I start taking things a little more seriously.

For the next week at my job we stopped measuring people and followed our cleaning guidelines. I then noticed other stores around us were starting to close down. I started thinking that my store should close for at least a while because we get people coming in from all over the place, internationally, mostly because we are the only outlet VS in the state of Texas and one out of 10, I believe, in the country.

Even though this was going on, a lot of places where still open and I decided I wasn’t going to stop living my life because of a virus so I went and spent a weekend in Houston. Things were still open but empty so I had a good time. On my last day of the trip though, that’s when things took a turn. I got a message from my job alerting me that we were going to close down for a little while. They were still going to pay us so I was okay with this decision.

For the next two weeks I saw more and more places shutting down like restaurants, theaters and parks. Then a little later VS extended their close and a little while later most of the workers were put on furlough.

I was in a state of shock. I had just turned 21 not 3 months prior to this and I am already unemployed. Signing up for unemployment was a mess and took a long time to even sign up and even then I am making less then what I make just because I was only part time and not full time at VS.

All of my college courses have been moved online and that was probably one of the worse things that could have happened to me. If I wanted to learn on my own and at my own pace then I would have been fine but I cant do that. I need interaction with people and deadlines placed everyday, not self paced.

It is now mid April and things haven’t gotten any better. Everything is closed and there is nothing to do. I am becoming more and more restless and going crazy being locked up at the house all day. I find myself falling deeper into my depression and I have lost all sense of time. But at this point there is not much I can do.

All one can do, in my opinion, is hope for the best and keep clean.

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