A Dream Come True

This is a picture of my family at disney world

This is a story about my trip to the most magical place on earth, Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I have always wanted to go to a Disney theme park my whole life, but because of one thing after another multiple times I was unable to go. It got to the point where I lost all hope. Then one day I was home eating dinner, my family started talking about going to Disney World. Now, I thought this was all talk and we weren't actually going. However,This is a picture of lesslie and mickey mouse we kept talking about it until one day after work I came home and they announced that the tickets were purchased and we were for sure going.

We planned to go during Thanksgiving of 2018 because we wanted to see the christmas decorations without having to deal with the crowed. It was also perfect weather during that time in Florida. When we arrived we had a Disney shuttle bus take us to our resort. It was absolutely beautiful. We only had tickets to Disney world for a few days so we did our best to hit up all the parks. We woke up and arrived at the parks as soon as they opened and didn't leave until they closed.

I had an amazing time and saw many cool things. I, of course, met Mickey and took a picture with him ,which was a dream come true, and I met Baymax and got a video with him. My favorite part was being in Epcot and going around the world. It was very neat that I was able to see and learn a lot about different cultures. Although I didn't finish going around, I still saw a lot and it gives me an excuse to go back to finish the world before I die. I couldn't have asked for a better trip, I am truly blessed and grateful.

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