This is a picture of a lesslie jumping in the air in front of the ACL sign

This past year I had an amazing opprotunity to go to the second weekend of Austin City Limits, or ACL. This would be my thrid year being able to go. ACL is a music festival that happens every year in Ausitn, Texas. This is a picture of a lesslie and her friend maya in front of the ACL signA varitity of artist come out and preform for two weekends in October. This time it was special because I was able to go with my friend Maya. We were both very excited to go and see different people but we were both especially excited to see Bille Eilish.

My friend Maya and I wanted to get our money's worth when it came to our tickets, so we were one of the first few people to arrive at the festival. When we got there and it was a lot colder that we expected. So we walked around a lot to keep warm and got to see everything around us. We even took some cute pictures infront of the famous ACL sign. We saw some concerts and ate some food and before we knew it, it was 4 hours until Billie.

We both really wanted good spots to see Bille so we decided to wait at the stage she was preforming at 4 hours before the concert. We thought we were out smarting the system. What we quickly found out though, was we weren't the only ones with this idea. It was jam packed when we got to the stage. Another preformer even came out and preformed but we all knew that the crowed around didnt care about that, they just cared about Billie. After 4 hours of waiting, Billie finaly came out. She was a wonderful preformer, even with a hurt foot! Over all it was a great experience and I would't trade it for the world. And the best part is I can share the memeory with my good friend Maya.